Writing Tips

When writing a story, there are several things to keep in mind because it is too easy to be swept up into a medley of plot twists, characters and themes. Falling into this trap is not uncommon . . . Authors struggle with it all the time. This page is dedicated to my best writing tips. Sure, they aren’t perfect, but they can possibly help you out a bit. I will be adding tips on in the near future. 🙂


Plan Your Characters – When you get a good story idea, it’s so tempting to quickly start writing, unsure of what the outcome is. This often leads to writing three pages, and then giving up because you have no idea what exactly is happening with your characters. My advice is to write the basic idea down, start outlining what you think should happen, and start finding out who your characters actually are. I cannot put enough stress on intensive character study. You are meeting them for the first time when you write this story, and since YOU are telling their story, you have to know them well. Write about the time they were born, their parents, their first crush, or their favorite toy. What you write does not necessarily have to be in the story. I once wrote multiple pages on Nate Lewis (one of my characters) favorite band, and why he liked them, and how excited he was when he got tickets to see them in concert. It’s not necessarily a ton of short stories you’re writing, it’s just some scribbles on them, which will help you find out who they are.


Keep a Fanfiction – This tip might come off as a surprise to several of you. A lot of writers I know look down on fanfiction because it isn’t really original, and even though that is true, I believe keeping a fanfiction has a benefit. Sometimes, we get bombarded with serious bouts of writers block because you can’t write a character’s emotion correctly, or something about the setting is off.  We lose the words inside of us. With a fanfiction, you already have the characters and the settings, so you don’t have to worry about it. Writing something is always better than writing nothing. Additionally, writing something will get your juices flowing a little bit, which often helps me get my words for my original story out. I keep a fanfiction, and I add a few pages to it every couple of months. The writing quality is crappy, and, it doesn’t make sense, but it provides a little touch of inspiration. Also, they’re super fun to read.


Inspire Yourself Through Music – When I write, I always listen to music. Whether it’s Adele or the Chicago Soundtrack, I am getting inspired through it. Music is a great communicator. It expresses emotions in a beautiful, elusive way, which helps me get my ideas down. One of my characters named Rose is a nanny, but she eventually has to leave the little girl she is watching over. When writing about Rose’s grief over the matter, I listen to a playlist of songs about loss and a mother’s love. This helps me picture her sadness, and put the words down. I don’t know what it is about music, but it makes writing certain emotions a thousand times easier.


Take A Break – Yes, it can be hard to do. As writers, we feel the need to write a certain amount of pages, in a certain amount of days. Don’t ever do this to yourself. It’s okay to spend a day or two writing some silly short stories or not writing at all for that matter. Writing stories is something to be enjoyed!