Why I Love Jane Eyre

Life doesn’t always turn out as expected and Jane Eyre’s is a living testament to it (or fictional testament. Whatever.)

Most of you have probably have at least heard of Jane Eyre. And if you haven’t. . . Uh, how do you tell someone that something is wrong with them in the nicest way possible?

Anyhow, today I am going to be talking about why I love Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte’s famous gothic novel about love, morals and finding out who you are. Here’s a brief recap of the story.

Jane was orphaned at very young age, and ended up living with her Aunt, who hated her. She then got shipped off to Lowood School, where she was mistreated by almost everyone, except her best friend Helen. Several years later, Jane is going to accept a new job at a mysterious manor called Thornfield, where she will be tutoring the master’s ward.  The house is gorgeous, but something about it just off . . . Weird, ghoulish things keep happening, and to make matters more complicated, she’s become very good friends with Mr. Rochester, her employer/master. As things turn romantic, Jane must come to terms with Rochester’s ugly past, her own beliefs and principles, as well deciding what she wants to do after everything seems to fall apart.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff . . . Why do I love Jane and her story?

For starters, I think she is the perfect role-model. Her life has been hard, and even though it comes back to haunt her at some points, she manages to stay strong and to hold onto her pride. She also knows what she believes, and is completely unwilling to compromise, even when the temptation is so strong.

She’s also not perfect or cliché. A lot of heroines are all the same . . . gorgeous but doesn’t realize it . . . different in a way that’s ordinary. Jane isn’t like that though. Author Charlotte Bronte makes it clear that she’s not particularly pretty and that’s she’s not really talented. She doesn’t possess extraordinary abilities . . . She’s normal. Her normality is what is makes her so special to me.

Another reason I love Jane Eyre is the actual text. Charlotte Bronte is such a graceful writer. Her words are beautiful, making me laugh and cry. You guys have possibly heard some quotes from Jane Eyre for the book has some of the most famous from victorian age literature.

Here are some of my favorites:

I am No Bird.jpg

I Would Rather Be Happy.jpg

I Do Not Think @@@.jpg

Jane Eyre is not only a book. It has been adapted into multiple movies and television specials, as well as a YouTube web series. Below, I’ll tell you a couple of my favorites.

Jane Eyre BBC miniseries (2006):

This is probably my favorite adaption of the story. For the most part, it stays close to the book. My favorite part of this adaption is the talented actors they have. Ruth Wilson plays Jane Eyre, and she’s literally perfect for the role. She’s passionate and delivers her lines perfectly. Her chemistry with the actor who plays Mr. Rochester, Toby Stephens. Ah! They’re so amazing together! I feel like a lot of the actors that play the duo are slightly bland, so these two actors are my favorites to play the parts ever.

Jane Eyre 2006 Poster.jpg


The Autobiography of Jane Eyre (2013 – 2014):

Remember when The Lizzie Bennet Diaries set off a wave of modern literary web series? Well, I do. The Autobiography of Jane Eyre was one of the many web series that came out of the trend, and it’s one of the better ones. Jane Eyre is set in the modern era, and tells her story to a camera, featuring guest appearances of all the classic characters. Although it’s not perfect, the actors and dialogue are strong. The only issue I have with it is that the ending is a little off. Yes, it matches the original story, but it’s not exactly the romantic, dramatic conclusion I expected. Check it out!  It’s pretty cool!

Jane Eyre: The Musical:

Yes! There is a musical! It went to Broadway back in 2000, and although it did well critically, it didn’t do so well financially. The score, composed by Frank Wildhorn, is gorgeous though and deserves so much more recognition. I recommend that all my fellow theatre buff check out the soundtrack. For the playlist, click here.

So, anyhoo! Thank you all for reading. I hope that you check out the book, or possibly one of the adaptations I suggested. Jane Eyre holds a very special place in my heart, and I want everyone to love her and her story just as much as I do!

Jane Eyre fan art.jpg
Art Work by WhitePhoenix11 on from Deviant Art.

Much Love,





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