Ultimate Summer Songs Playlist

Hi Everyone!

Since we are on the peak of summer (yay), I decided that for this post I was going to put together a list of all the best summer songs for you to listen to. After thinking about it, I thought it would be awesome if you guys could submit your favorites, and that I would put those on my summer list.  I was only expecting a couple of submissions, but they came rolling in. There were so many that I didn’t want to put all of them on, so you might not see all the songs you submitted. Enjoy the list and have a wonderful summer!

1. Bring Me The Night ~ Sam Tsui & Kina Grannis

I really liked this song. . . it was gentle and sweet, but happy and summery. Sam has excellent vocals, so go check out some of his other songs on his YouTube channel.

2.  Oh My Stars ~ Andrew Belle

I just love this guys voice, so it’s a shame he hasn’t had a lot of main stream success. His voice is gentle, and, combined with the songs lyrics . . . well, let’s just say you get a beautiful song!

3.  Say Something ~ A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera

This song . . . it’s beautiful, and the polished and elegant vocals of Christina flawless. Although it’s very sad, it is definitely an amazing summer song I wouldn’t miss out on.

4. Overcomer ~ Mandisa

Oh, this song! It’s great for running, and I often find myself jamming to it in the car. Mandisa is a powerful singer, capable of belting like crazy. It’s catchy, fun, and super encouraging!

5. Smooth Criminal ~ Glee Cast

When this song was submitted, there was not artist attached. A quick google search told me that this song, Smooth Criminal, is from the King of Pop himself! (Michael Jackson, in case you didn’t know who he King of Pop was). After listening to a couple of versions, I decided my favorite was the Glee Cast version. I love the electric cellos in it, and I also love the singers.

6.  He Knows My Name ~ Francesca Battistelli

I liked this song a lot the first time I heard it. A couple of years ago (when I was like 12), I really like Francesca, and this new song of hers was definitely a flashback to some of her original music. It’s encouraging, and Francesca has a great voice!

7.  Immortals ~ Fall Out Boy

Featured in the popular movie Big Hero Six, this song is loud, fun, and great to exercise to (because we all know we nee to be doing more of that ;p)

8. Bad Blood ~ Taylor Swift

I was surprised that this was the only song submitted by Taylor Swift. I mean, Taylor has so many “summer songs” doesn’t she? Taylor’s newest song is a total break from her country roots, and plunges her into the pop genre. It’s definitely very Taylor though 🙂

9. Broken Beautiful ~ Ellie Holcomb

This song is very special to me. Not only is it simple, it has an amazing message. Ellie certainly provides a fun song in Broken Beautiful.

10.  I Can Go The Distance ~ Hercules Soundtrack

You think I was going to do this list without adding a Disney song? Hahahahaha! You’re wrong! As a Disney music fan, I decided that I was going to add this song because well . . . it’s awesome. It’s from the movie Hercules, which has some pretty cool tunes. My Favorite, of course, is I Can Go The Distance.

11. Shut Up And Dance ~ Walk The Moon

Everybody has been playing and singing this song ever since it’s release in 2014. This catchy dance song is fun and energetic, making it one of my favorites on the list.

12. On The Street Where You Live ~ Matthew Morrison

A cover of the famous show tune, this version of On The Street Where You Live is super peppy.

13. Say My Name ~ Odesza

I’d never heard of this girl before, but her songs are pretty cool! If you like dance music, check this girl out!

14. Hall Of Fame ~ The Script

This song is definitely a fun jam that will have you rocking out to it over and over again!

15. How Can It Be? ~ Laura Daigle

This song brings tears to my eyes. If you sit and think about the lyrics, it will get you. Laura’s beautiful voice mixed with the powerful words make this song super emotional and touching. I recommend it highly!

There it is, folks! Fifteen songs for you to be listening to this summer. Enjoy! Please comment and tell me which ones are your favorite! And if I should do another one of these type of posts. ❤




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